compatible primes

(suggested new terminology)
Definition. Two distinct primes p and q are said to be compatible fif 2g is not an integer, where g is their geometric mean, and the integer closest to g is a prime.
[Number Theory]


(suggested new terminology)
This is the the term I will use for the suite of Question-and-Answer (‘Q & A’) sites known as ‘Stack Exchange’. I will also use a different method for referring to an individual site, namely,
‘Acropolis/Subject’ for ‘Subject Stack Exchange’. So, for example, I will refer to the site ‘Mathematics Stack Exchange’ as ‘Acropolis/Mathematics’.

OBSERVATION (big errors)

There are two big errors the unmalicious can commit:
1. Attending to theory instead of to urgent practicalities. (‘doing math in the cockpit’)
2. Partying instead of attending to theory.
Ludwig Wittgenstein famously noted error #1 (studying to become professional philosophers while war was raging)
Then there is the one error that the malicious commit: partying instead of attending to urgent practicalities. (‘fiddling while Rome burns’)
[General Systems Theory]
[lack of malice]