LOREM IPSUM (square waves)

Motion consists of accommodating a square wave. Generating a square wave depends on having a regime that id deterministic and not readily available to others. Knowledge of prime factorizations is the best example of this. Evasive activity in battle consists of HUGGING a square wave. (cf: the ‘zigzagging’ of a ship to avoid attack by a submarine)
[General Systems Theory]
[avoid being followed]
[not being followed]
[self defense]

OBSERVATION (binary choices)

Riffraff are those with only two operational categories: pleasure and pain. This is why, as everyone knows at the gut level, being forced into making a binary choice is humiliating. The only escape from a binary choice is to go meta. That is why, to avoid humiliation, you must sooner or later become adept at going meta. The ultimate goad for going meta is, of course, a binary choice with a false presupposition, the classic being, “How you stopped beating your wife?”
[General Systems Theory]

OBSERVATION (which one trumps: mls or gls)

In ordinary life mls (momentary life situation) trumps gls (general life situation). War is when gls trumps mls. Rebellious spirits want gls to trump mls, and war is God’s way of saying to them, as C.S. Lewis noted, “Okay, have it your way.”
[Kurt Lewin]
[Social Psychology]
[Thy will be done.]