OBSERVATION (upgrades)

Many upgrades backfire if announced. That is, just as most items of information are not worth the cost of acquisition, so also most upgrades are not worth the cost of announcing. keywords: [life] [General Systems Theory] [progress]

wanted computer feature

- the option to have whatever key you hover your finger over for more than 2 seconds to be prominently, but unobtrusively, displayed on the screen. keywords: [user-friendliness] [user friendliness] [Information Technology (IT)] [computer keyboard]

gentle mouthwash

ClōSYS Non-Irritating RINSE Non-Burning Alcohol Free Soothes Mouth Sores / Wounds Eliminates Bad Breath (not a cover-up) Here is the link to the purchase option on Amazon. keywords: [dental care] [oral case] [beauty and personal care]

QUERY (‘actually’)

Is ‘actually’ going the way of ‘literally’? For example, in online video games, it might be remarked that in a certain situation you ‘actually’ die, whereas in fact you do not actually die. keywords: [Language Arts] [Linguistics] [English Language and Usage]


Here is the link to the Wikipedia article on Timothy Morton, in which this is discussed. (Perhaps a hyperobject could be succinctly defined as any object whose topological closure is the entire space in question. -mj) keywords: [object-oriented philosophy movement] [ecology] [viscous] [molten] [nonlocal] [phased] [interobjective]