OBSERVATION (synchronization)

The amount of synchronization in your life is constant. It consists of a component of passive synchronization and a component of active synchronization. Passive synchronization is the result of lack of buffering. Active synchronization consists of buffering. No synchronization is more active than the act of gifting. keywords: [life] [General Systems Theory]

OBSERVATION (progress)

Progress requires a stable environment, and a stable environment requires an anchor, and only a heavy hitter can serve as an anchor, and only someone who has done his homework can be a heavy hitter. Therefore, progress depends on doing your homework. keywords: [life] [General Systems Theory] [self-discipline]

Parts of a Pendulum

A massless rod With a massive bob Hangs from a frictionless pivot. With theta given, By gravity driven, The bob’s trajectory Takes it through the neutral position. keywords: [poetry] [poem] [Physics]