“Guided catharsis is a major means of political control.” -- Lasswell & Kaplan, Power and Society, p.9 keywords: [politics] [thought-control]


instructional Diophantinism: the practice, and goal, of creating mathematics exercises where the answers are easy functions of integers, especially easy functions (such as surds) of fairly small positive integers. (The idea is getting a firm grasp on a concept as opposed to increasing computational proficiency.) keywords: [mathematics curriculum] [curricular materials] [easy of solution]


Esperanto can be looked upon as an item of curricular materials itself, as well as a spiffy medium of such. There is no better case where ‘the medium is the message’ than Esperanto. keywords: [social psychology] [media studies] [sociology]


Military maneuvers take over (no pun intended) where curriculum ends. (Witness the above-average military enlistment of graduates from under-average high schools.) keywords: [equivalence] [motion] [movement]