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conversations with the dead

When AI reaches a certain level of maturity, users will be able to have conversations with the dead. That is, the philosophy / reactions of a given deceased person will be aggregated and encoded and then you can have a ‘chat’ with them in the context of, say, an interview or casual encounter. Such encoding will first be done for (in)famous persons of the past, but later also for everyone for which someone is willing to pay the price. So, someone could have a conversation with their deceased kinfolk, for example.

Here’s the link to where something along this line is even now being done.

types of change

first-order change: re-arranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic

second-order change: stopping the Titanic for the night

first-order change: pencil-sharpening

second-order change: writing

(cf: first-order logic and second-order logic)