the homonym test for AI

Perhaps minimum competency for ‘true’ AI (reminiscent of the Turing test) would be the ability to detect (with no false positives), across virtually all domains of discourse, incorrect use of homonyms and commonly-confused near-homonyms (e.g., ‘adverse’ for ‘averse’, and conversely; the same for ‘affect’ and ‘effect’, and so on).


automatic creation (via IT / AI) of derivative works – in particular, via an index of the work (For example, consider a certain novel. Let’s say that, as is usually the case, it has no index. Let us say that an index is then created. Let us say that this index is then used by … Continue reading IDEA


the political purpose of Christianity The political purpose of Christianity was to undermine Judaism. The New Testament was written, in secret, by the Roman aristocracy for this purpose, Judaism being a thorn in the side of the Roman empire. keywords: [true authorship] [agenda] [hoax]