“The drag of turbulent flows can be drastically decreased by adding small amounts of high-molecular-weight polymers.” Here is the link to the source. (cf: catalytic action) keywords: [Physics] [medical / medicine] [technology] [reduction of drag] [exceeding the asymptotic limit]


bump-and-grind: work done by geniuses just to stay afloat (e.g., the work done by E.B. White at The New Yorker) keywords: [money] [sustainability] [drudgery] [making ends meet]


Just as light fluctuates between being wave or particle, so also mathematics fluctuates between being edifice or toolkit. keywords: [polemics] [point of view] [What is Mathematics?]


Some things get done, if done at all, only in the niches between major activities. This is why it’s important to be present when a major activity ends. keywords: [productivity] [priority] [priorities] [scheduling] [opportunity]