“For stability, the relationship between the chosen subspaces needs to be kept in mind.”

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[numerical weather prediction]

[compatible numerics]

[asymptotic limit analysis]

[parallel-computing issues]

[longitude-latitude grids]

[finite-element approach]

[pseudo-uniform grids on the sphere]

[the model’s behavior]

[behavior of the model]

[approaching a parameter limit]

[spaces that are mapped to each other via differential operators]

[vector-calculus identities]


[velocity and pressure spaces]

[vertical slice]

[degrees of freedom]

[multiplication by the corresponding unit vector]

[non-dimensionalization of the dry Euler equations]


[a soundwave-reducing sponge layer]

[lots of concepts all in one short document]

[dynamical cores for weather and climate prediction]

[dynamical core for weather and climate prediction]

[conservation of various entities of the system]

[energy and mass]

[a Hamiltonian / variational framework]

[ a Hamiltonian framework]

[a variational framework]

[upwind schemes]