You have to give up your current life if you want a better life. (cf: ‘born again’ & “Friends are the thieves of time.”) keywords: [priority] [priorities]

wanted software feature

- default to automatically-enforced equivalence between British and American spellings in google search. So, for example, if I search for ‘pedantic and humorless corrective comment’, I will also get any hits for ‘pedantic and humourless corrective comment’. keywords: [Information Technology] [cyberspace] [user-friendliness] [deliberate conflation]


The weaker your numerics, the more numerics Nature brings to you. You strengthen your numerics by close figuring, the first candidate for which is usually your expenses. cf: “Fresh activity is the only means of overcoming adversity.” -- Goethe keywords: [poverty] [prosperity] [productivity]


In the private sector, no one enjoys greater job-security than the landlord. (Communism is when landlordship is held mostly by the government itself.) keywords: [politics] [money]