A member of the hoi polloi, when striving to sound profound, falls back on literalism. cf: “Just because you're excruciatingly critical doesn't mean you're not also naive.” -- Transuranian proverb

the ‘interrobang’ symbol

Here is the link to the Merriam-Webster entry for this term. keywords: [combination of interrogative symbol and exclamation point] [combination of interrogative symbol and bang symbol] [combination of ? and !] [superposition of ? and !]

random English-Esperanto dictionary notes

1. Neither Benson nor Wells includes under ‘rush’ the sense, as given by Merriam-Webster, of ‘a sudden feeling of intense pleasure or excitement: THRILL’. 2. Under ‘mystery’, Benson fails to include ‘krim-romano’. 3. Under ‘thriller’, Wells erroneously gives ‘krim-romano’, and nothing else.