Here is the link to the Wikipedia article on this topic. keywords: [carbohydrate-binding proteins] [highly specific for sugar groups of other molecules] [biological recognition phenomena] [ubiquitous in nature] [found in many foods] [selectivity of lectins] [useful in analyzing blood type]

“A growing attention has been recently devoted to the impact of the underwater noise field generated by shipping activities on the marine fauna.”

Here is the link. keywords: [model of the source levels radiated from vessels] [a small number of macroparameters] [modern commercial vessels] [at-design conditions] [off-design conditions] [spectral parameterization] [controllable pitch propeller] [constant revolutions per minute] [limits of the existing predictive models] [parametric analysis of ship noise spectra]

“Human speech, language, and cognition derive from anatomy and neural mechanisms that have been shaped by the Darwinian process of natural selection acting on variation but that have roots present in other living species.”

Here is the link. keywords: [laryngeal phonation] [referential information and emotion] [auditory fusion frequency] [FOXP2 transcriptional gene] [synaptic plasticity in cortical–basal ganglia circuits] [basal ganglion] [neural circuit] [vocal tract] [hyoid bone] [human language]