Propagation and maintenance (via de jure or de facto enforcement) of myths / hoaxes is the default way that the state uses to collect back taxes, these myths / hoaxes serving to undermine the net worth of individuals across the board, in a way recoverable by the state.

exclusive versus inclusive definitions in plane geometry

There are two versions for any figure in plane geometry: synthetic (i.e., Euclidean) and analytic (i.e., Cartesian). These two domains differ in how they relate boundary cases to the other cases, but the boundary cases themselves are treated the same in both domains. The synthetic version promulgates exclusivity, rejecting the boundary cases (e.g., “A parallelogram … Continue reading exclusive versus inclusive definitions in plane geometry

homomorphic encryption

(“calculations on encrypted data without decrypting it first”) (“privacy-preserving outsourced data storage and computation”) Here is the link to the Wikipedia article on this topic. keywords: [mathematics] [privacy concerns]