1/e (i.e., about 37%) is, among other things, how deep you usually have to get into a major project before useful standards that you could adopt become evident to you.

death of English

Its obituary was published in The Washington Post, on Sunday, September 19, 2010. The obit starts off, “The English language, which arose from humble Anglo-Saxon roots to become the lingua franca of 600 million people worldwide and the dominant lexicon of international discourse, is dead. It succumbed last month at the age of 1,617 after … Continue reading death of English


Is a financial context the one in which people usually hear of the concept of an inflection point for the first time? If so, it would support the thesis that stock market speculation is Nature's way of teaching the hoi polloi mathematics.


Which historical artifacts can be best interpreted as inchoate mathematical treatises? For example, perhaps ‘Summa Theologica’ of Tomas Aquinas was really the earliest textbook on General Topology.