the 5 Bodean authors

Bode’s law posits constant proportionality of distance from the Sun for the planets. It’s only approximately true, but let’s take the idea and run with it in a different domain: author popularity, for authors of fiction. Bode’s law works from close to far, but we will apply the concept starting at the greatest distance in time and move forward to the present. The constant of proportionality in this case is 22.6%. The 5 authors are Josephus (author of the New Testament), Edward de Vere (aka Shakespeare), Agatha Christie, Ian McEwan, and Elizabeth McCracken. This is based on the year of first publication / recognition of their major work.

Here is the data:

Josephus (New Testament), 100 (approximately)

Edward de Vere (aka Shakespeare): (plays), beginning in 1590 [time gap: 1490 years]

Agatha Christie (The Murder of Roger Ackroyd), 1926 [time gap: 336 years]

Ian McEwan (Atonement), 2002 [time gap: 76 years]

Elizabeth McCracken (Bowlaway), 2019 [time gap: 17 years]


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