About this site

This site is mostly in English, with sprinklings of Esperanto.

The title of this site (‘A Coney Island of the Mind’) is a homage to the wacky book of poetry by the same title by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. (The book is available on Amazon.)

Anything of mine that I publish (actually publish, not merely mention) on this site is, unless explicitly marked otherwise, in the Public Domain.

Please be aware that I use links even if they have a ‘not secure’ advisory.

This site is more of a ‘thought log’ than a blog roll.
I’m forced to use the blogging format, but I’m not a blogger, but an incrementally publishing author. (I might, on rare occasion, take advantage of the blogging format to post about something very topical, but that is merely the exception that proves the rule.)

Since attribution is easily established by a web search, I often quote a great thought or idea from elsewhere without attribution, when I wish to give some publicity to the great thought or idea.

Click on the ‘free downloads’ tag (at the bottom of the screen) to access all my free download offerings grouped together (along with some fee downloads offered by others that I have referenced in my blog posts).

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Instantiations come and go, but simulations are forever.

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