The costs of holi-deals would be called holi-costs. Holi-costs will occur again, year after year.
“The value of money can be learned in just about five minutes when the time comes, but Christmas is not the season.”
— Robert Benchley
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Finding an example of a putative configuration is a major portion of academic research. For example, Mary Ellen Rudin found an example of a Dowker space.
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(suggested new terminology)
def: a hopscotch number is an integer w > 1 such that if p is a prime dividing w and n is the largest positive integer such that p^n divides w, then n = 1 or n is a prime less than p.
Theorem: Every square-free number is a hopscotch number.
Proof: Obvious.
def: a bulging number is an integer w greater than 1 that is not a hopscotch number.
Theorem: Every power of 2 greater than 2 is a bulging number.
Proof: Obvious.
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The degree to which you attend to corner conditions times the degree to which you succumb to decorations is constant. The fact that decorations so often pose a danger, and that care consists of attending to corner conditions, is the basis of Benjamin Franklin’s saying, “Want of care does more damage than want of knowledge.” (-and is the basis of A. E. Housman’s observation: “As long as the sun and moon endure / Luck’s a chance, but trouble’s sure.”) Doing right ultimately consists of attending to corner conditions. Hence a good rule of life is: “Keep calm and proofread.”
“It is not your business to succeed, but to do right; when you have done so, the rest lies with God.”
— C. S. Lewis
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