Small fines, and faint damnation

In USA Today for 22.Apr.2019, columnist Ken Fisher pointed out that small fines are really a buy signal.
So, adding my two cents: The dynamic of imposing a small fine is similar to the dynamic of praising via faint damnation.
The ‘small’ fines Fisher refers to are actually large sums of money – sometimes billions of dollars, but are small in relation to the wealth of the companies concerned. This is a good example of the nature of ratio data (the four types of data – or, ‘levels of measurement’ as they are more technically called – being nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio). That is, items of ratio data are most appropriately compared, just as their designation says, via ratios. Since we are talking ‘small’ billions here, it is apropos to include a couple famous references along that line:
1. ‘Only a Billion’ is a title used somewhere by Isaac Asimov (as a chapter title, I believe, in his book ‘On Numbers’);
2. “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.”
— Senator Dirksen (attributed)

Merchant Cemetery Ball

A large ball-shaped stone sitting on a grave marker has been rotating since jump street.
The best explanation I’ve seen is that of uneven thawing of ice. That is, ice forms at the base, thereby lifting the ball slightly (due to the fact that water increases in volume upon freezing), and then melts unevenly, as the sun is on one side of the stone, thereby causing the stone to roll (ever so slightly). (BTW, There is a famous poem by Robert Frost titled ‘Fire and Ice’, which can be taken as an unintended ironic reference to the Merchant Cemetery Ball. The poem discusses the end of the world, whereas the stone ball marks the end of a There is also a poem by A. E. Housman referencing fire and ice, regarding the living.)
Here is the link to one of the sites discussing this phenomenon.

Easy finding of Esperanto videos

Libera Folio reports that there is now a website that makes it easy to find Esperanto videos.
And here is the backstory (in Esperanto) at Libera Folio.

Unfortunately, the quality of most of these ‘videos’(based on my random sampling) is not much greater than that of a selfie. Indeed, many of these ‘videos’ are merely stills with voice-over. And sometimes the advertised entry is revealed to be not available. Admin should remove the entries that are unavailable, and supply an option in the header of the home page to restrict all other options to actual videos.